Bunion Splint: Get Out of Pain Fast!

By Marian Nelson

What Exactly Is A Bunion Splint?

A bunion splint is basically an orthopedic product generally utilized to address hallux valgus, commonly known as a bunion. A bunion is a bone enlargement around the joint of the big toe. It is often very painful and occasionally might be unbearable. Normally, the only method to get rid of it is by having surgery, however, it is treatable to lessen the pain.

Relieve the Pain with a Bunion Splint

Typically, a bunion splint can help to relieve some of the bunion pain. Bunion splints often help bunion sufferers manage their bunion pain condition. A bunion splint works by separating the big toe from the other toes. When used properly, the bunion splint redistributes the pressure on the foot along with helping to maintain the proper alignment of all of the toes and as well as the foot. A bunion splint can also remove a lot of the pressure on the bunion too. The bunion splint may also be used following bunion surgical treatment to safeguard the region in which the bunion was removed.

Numerous kinds, designs and sizes, of bunion splints can be bought. A number of splints feature an anti-bacterial coating in order to reduce foot odor and also infection. Even though a person can easily purchase a bunion splint online or even in a drug store today, it is better to first talk to a healthcare professional.

Nighttime Bunion Splint

You will also find many types of a bunion night splint that are on the market. Just as the name implies, this type of bunion splint is worn overnight while you sleep. They are available in different sizes, shapes and materials. Most are quite rigid, but a number of them are flexible. Day time bunion splints typically tend to be less rigid compared to the nighttime bunion splints. Many of them can be used with shoes, but many individuals may require a larger shoe size to allow for the bunion splint.

Eliminating a bunion isn’t as easy as merely using a bunion splint. Largely, it is a pain relieving measure, because it deals with the symptoms and not the cause. Cushioning within the footwear frequently helps as well, if the bunion happens to be small. Some doctors might suggest physical therapy.

Bunion Treatments – Pain Medications or a Bunion Splint

Whenever a bunion is inflamed, swollen, or really painful, you can try applying some ice a couple of times a day and this may alleviate the swelling and pain. Acetaminophen might help to reduce the pain from the bunion. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen or naproxen sodium, may also help to relieve the pain and inflammation, as well. Some doctors recommend Cortisone injections directly in the big toe joint to relieve pain and swelling. Although very serious cases may necessitate bunion surgery.

Bunions are much more common in women when compared to men. Sometimes they run in families, also bunions can be formed by arthritis. Bunions frequently can be due to wearing footwear which are too tight, as well as, heels which are too high. Wearing more comfortable footwear along with lower heels may reduce much of the discomfort or even help to prevent a bunion from developing. To sum it up, wearing a bunion splint can be beneficial for relieving pain.

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